A House in the Country

  Jan Reich - Dům v krajině (obálkaú  

This unique collection of 107 black-and-white photographs by Jan Reich presents a selection of several series he built up over a period of 25 years in the Sedlčany area, a region of central Bohemia whose ancient character remained long untouched. The photographs portray the genuine Bohemian landscape with its historical sites, original rural interiors, still lifes and portraits of local inhabitants.

Published by: Jana Reichová – Galerie Nový Svět
Photographs by: Jan Reich
Concept and editing: Jana Reichová
Introductory text in Czech and French: Jan Rubeš
ish translation: Richard Drury
Graphic design: Robert V. Novák

ISBN 80-903611-2-9
Recommended price: 950 CZK