About gallery

While taking a walk in Hradcany, you will surely notice the conspicuous Baroque building “At the Golden Grapes” on the corner of Kapucinska and Novy Svet lanes. This Bourgeois palace was built in the year 1694 by a citizen of Hradcany, Abraham Unkoffer, at the former location of a medieval built-up area, which survived considerable damage during the Thirty Years War, especially during the Swedish siege. Unkoffer decorated the building with frescos, paintings on the ceiling and Venetian mirrors. Josef Pikardt, an ensuing owner, became a renowned collector of famous paintings at the end of the 18th century.

Jana Reichova followed up on this trend when she opened the Galerie Novy Svet after the fastidious reconstruction of the basement and ground floor at the end of November 1994. The entrance hall on the ground floor which has an arched ceiling and a fresco of St. Jan Nepomucky, a patron of Hradcany, is not only used as an exhibition area, but also as a salesroom of 20th century paintings, drawings, plastic and graphic Czech crafts by artists such as Jan Zrzavy, Rudolf Kremlicka, Alfred Justitz, Vaclav Bostik, Kamil Lhotak, Frantisek Tichy, Karel Malich, etc. Visitors of the gallery have the opportunity to purchase professional Czech photographs, glass products, a range of collectible copies of gothic glass, or can choose from the wide range of professional publications or postcards.

The Baroque well, ancient staircase and vault in the exhibition space in the basement express an unrepeatable atmosphere and are an inspiration to many artists. Exhibitions are presently in progress in the basement areas of the gallery. The concept of the exhibition program is based on the presentation of present day Czech artists, mostly the middle generation. The gallery exhibitions alternate between renowned and publicly known authorities and talented but less renowned artists. Among the most renowned of the present creators represented in the Galerie Novy Svet are Jiri Sopko, Ivan Theimer, Jan Hendrych, Jiri Anderle, Antonin Sladek, Jaroslav Hladky, Jan Reich, Jiri Riha, Jiri Salamoun, Pavel Sukdolak, Jan Safranek, Josef Mzyk, Rudolf Nemec, etc.

In summer of 2002 has gallery finished its activities as regulary gallery and has changed to virtually gallery on internet.